Sunday, April 20, 2008

Joan Grubin

Joan Grubin's work is a combination of painting, sculpture, and installation. I love her manipulation of color! She says:

"My work is a hybrid combining painting, sculpture,
and installation. I work with color and light, using
acrylic on paper, and the phenomena of reflected
color on the wall. Each piece is an interaction between
painted paper elements pinned out from the wall, and
the color cast on the wall by unseen fluorescent paint
on the back of the paper, which implicates the wall and
the surrounding space in the piece.

These floating paintings exist in the gap between
painting and object. Subtle manipulation of color
relationships between the frontal plane and the colored
glow on the wall causes an optical disorientation, which
raises questions about the discrepancy between what
we see and what we know. Part of the meaning of
my current work resides in the tension created between
maximum optical energy and minimal physical materiality."


Monday, April 7, 2008

Hunt Rettig

Hunt Rettig makes sculptures out of film and paper. Here are some samples of his work: